[svlug] X Window setup problem

Karl F. Larsen k5di at zianet.com
Mon Jun 4 14:31:01 PDT 2001

Hi Sean, As root at the command line type Xconfigurator and a clutzy
window should open and using your Tab key move around with that and try
some of the LCD screen drivers they provide. You may need to fool around
awhile before you get the proper setup.

	I have an IBM laptop with a LCD screen so I tried the driver
called IBM-LCD and it works.

On Mon, 4 Jun 2001, Sean Cheng wrote:

> Hi,
> I just purchased a Sony SDM-M51 LCD monitor. After
> installing it, I cannot get X Window running. I got an
> 'Out of Range 65/85 Hz' error. I think that is because
> my original monitor has a higher frequency range. The
> horizontal frequency range of the SDM-M51 is 28-64,
> vertical frequency range 48-75, so I just switch to
> console mode, put down those number in HorizSync and
> VertRefresh of /etc/X11/XF86Config. Then I run X
> window by running startx, but the monitor is still out
> of range with the same error message. So it seems that
> the monitor is still running in 65/86 Is there
> anything else I should change? I am using Mandrake
> 8.0. Thanks.
> Sean
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