[svlug] worms -n stuff - crackers

Alvin Oga alvin at planet.fef.com
Mon Jun 4 12:47:01 PDT 2001

hi ya mark

> > > Ok, you didn't get it.
> > > One more time: hackers write code, crackers crack your machines.
> > 
> > got it the first time... 
> > am not worried about the differences.... this guy was neither ???
> Real hackers, the ones that write the code that you and I run, are worried
> about the difference, so thank you for paying attention to it and not mixing
> them up with crackers.
> > and for fun...if they first crack into the machine and than write code...
> > do they become cracker hackers ???
> No, they're simply crackers that aren't script kiddies.

<my comments>
i think the new generation of hackers wanna be known as:
	"open source developers"

Easier to drop the defending of hacker vs cracker differences.. that most unknowing
people dont care about...  and i think most "real hackers" have better things
to do than educate the "unknowing" about the differences

- easier to just say "i'm an open source developer" ...
  end of issue and its meaning is puuurfectly clear what they do...

- for those that do worry about the difference... my apologies to you in advance
  for referring to the script kiddie(cracker) as hacker...

- and i still think of my attacker as a script kiddie cause if was a "real cracker",
  he'd try again and see if he can get in...


c ya

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