[svlug] [Off-Topic] Looking for Dual P II Xeon (Slot 2 type) CPU retention bracket

Compunuts compunuts at telocity.com
Mon Jun 4 09:43:01 PDT 2001

This is probably an off topic and I'm sorry if it's a little out off list 
guide line but I'm trying this list as a last resort.... I have been all 
over the bay area looking for one of the P II Slot 2 type CPU retention 
bracket, JDR Microdevices, Central, several parts places and cow-palace 
computer show last Saturday, but was unable to find one. If anybody has one 
sitting at computer lab, server room, engineering lab, their MFG floor or 
at their friends, I'd really appreciate if you can spare me one. I've also 
tried all the places that sell Xeon CPU/MBs in computer user magazine, 
MicroTimes and some other MB MFGs including my MB MFG, Tyan, and failed to 
get one. Since I used to work for a PC MFG, I know that sometime these 
little things just sitting on the corner table of some labs, warehouse 
floor, MFG floor junk box and stuff... Could you guys please, please, look 
out for me one?? Thanks..... I'm willing to pay for the price of the 
bracket plus will buy you pizza or pancakes after SVLUG meeting if you can 
find me one... Thanks again.....

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