[svlug] Re: Business GPL concerns

David Ljung Madison svlug.org at daveola.com
Sat Jun 2 18:17:03 PDT 2001

> (the way you worded it implied that this is the status quo today)

The way I worded it is:

"It just occured to me that there is one possible solution ..."

> Hypothetical 1: The patch you applied contains non-GPL-able code..
> Hypothetical 2: What if the patch contains intellectutal property..

Once again, I don't necessarily agree with such intentions of GPL
regardless.  But you could solve these with a patch that only accesses
your non-GPL or I.P. through a seperate library or executable, which
arguably would not be bound by the GPL license.

If the owner wants a patch that is merely useless hooks, he can have it.

Then again, this points out a loophole in the GPL today, the abuse
is left to the reader as an exercise.   :)

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