[svlug] Re cheapo linuxbox

aludal aludal at SoftHome.net
Fri Jun 1 00:07:01 PDT 2001

Let's see....

>In my case, the numbers are slightly different:

>$105????FIC AZ11 (VIA KT133) + AMD Duron 750MHz
>$129????Western Digital 30GB UDMA 100, 7200 rpm
>$149????Creative CD-RW 12x10x32x
>$59?????128MB PC133 Corsair
>$20?????Cyber Acoustic speakers
>$169????17" monitor
>$50?????PCI modem + kbd + mouse
>$33?????S3 Trio 3D/2X AGP 4MB
>$769 + Taxes

>I don't think I could have got it any cheaper than that !!!
yeah... but your video card is _real_ trash for even cheaper 17" monitor than 
yours, so you might consider some 15" or even 14" cheapo @ $35 to $50 to 
match your video card.

>Which ISPs can I use for Internet access under Linux ?
with that minimalist approach in mind, I can only recommend a free one (if we 
talk about BA/SV placed machine, and a plainjane dialup; 3 or 4 hackable and 
perfectly suited for Linux have left)



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