[SVLUG-Jobs] Senior (Linux) Network Engineer

Greg Herlein gherlein at herlein.com
Wed Oct 9 13:20:27 PDT 2013

I'm the hiring manager for this position and have been active in SVLUG
since 1998 or so.  Can you please post to the list?  Thanks!

Senior Network Engineer
Cognitive Networks (http://www.cognitivenetworks.com)
San Francisco

We’re looking for a developer-minded network engineer to help us build
out our automated video content recognition (ACR) system.  Our ACR
platform processes over a million transactions per second at peak
volume today – and we’re just getting started.  Soon we expect to
process a higher input volume than any startup in history – and we’ll
transform the television industry.   This is a unique opportunity for
someone looking to take on big challenges and grow professionally in a
well-financed Series A startup.


We operate a cross-functional team that specializes when needed but
aims to have everyone able to contribute.   Our network operations
isn’t oriented around traditional data center technology but rather is
software controlled infrastructure.  We’re looking for a
future-thinking person who wants to automate EVERYTING.  Duties of
this role include:

·      Take responsibility for day-to-day operation and
troubleshooting of our cloud

·      Automate cloud operations by writing scripts/recipes

·      Monitor huge cloud operations and actively design and implement

·      Troubleshoot and correct issues and problems as needed

·      Handle service requests and incident reports from internal
users and clients

·      Support our local systems as well as our video ingest data center systems

·      Order, install, configure, and monitor new machines, hardware,
and cloud instances

Desired Skills and Attributes

·         Production experience with cloud servers – ideally Amazon
AWS tools and services

·         Excellent Linux skills – master of the command line

·         Some programming skills in python or ruby

·         Experience with production monitoring systems – Nagios is
highly desirable

·         Production experience with chef or puppet – salt experience
highly desirable

·         Deep understanding of and background in REST-like API interfaces

·         Strong networking skills – must understand how networking really works

·         Excellent skills with MySQL/memcache and ideally with noSQL
systems like MongoDB

·         Team player – demonstrated experience on a team that shipped a product

·         Professional engineer – experienced with source control and
bug tracking

·         Bonus points for C programming, ZeroMQ, reddis, video technology

·         Bonus points for any background with SmartTV technology

·         Engineering/science degree or equivalent experience

·         Practical-minded – chooses
stability/reliability/maintainability over shiny

·         Passionate about technology – ideally you build things
outside of work for fun

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