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Fri Jun 7 02:22:20 PDT 2013

Support Ticket 1960935 has been updated by svlugmicah:

Help needed.

Good support people:  This migration has apparently taken down our (Silicon Valley Linux User Group's) system completely.  The virthost did not boot.  Using "Lish via Ajaxterm" console access, I see unrecoverable fsck errors and inability to mount the root filesystem.  

Attempting to use 'Lish via SSH' console access ('ssh -t svlugmicah at lish-fremont.linode.com svlugmicah'), I get a login prompt for user 'svlugmicah', but apparently do not have the current password for that username.

Micah Dowty (hence, 'svlugmicah') arranged SVLUG's Linode virthost when he was Vice-President around 2005.  He is long, long gone from SVLUG.  I am the current head of the system administration team.

I am:

Rick Moen
rick at linuxmafia.com
650-283-7902 cellular

Please use https://manager.linode.com/support/ticket/1960935 to respond to this ticket.

Thank you,

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