[web-team] User Group Sponsorship Inquiry

Joey Pomerenke jpomerenke at edgetechcorp.com
Wed Aug 18 10:47:20 PDT 2010


My name is Joey Pomerenke and I'm getting in touch with you regarding
your user group website.  I'm currently working with
www.EdgeTechCorp.com <http://www.EdgeTechCorp.com> , which is currently
looking to sponsor a small group of computer and technology related user
groups across the US. 

How does the sponsorship work?

Each sponsorship is different, and the terms are agreed upon between the
group and us, however the most popular sponsorship is product giveaways.
What we do is send out some product giveaways, such as SD Cards, Compact
Flash Cards, Flash Drives, etc. and you can either use them for contests
or giveaways to your members, or you can keep them yourself if you
choose.  In exchange, all we ask is for you to put up a small
link/banner back to our website..........  It's that simple!

Please let me know if you are interested in a sponsorship with us or if
you have any questions.  I'm available to be contact at
jpomerenke at edgetechcorp.com <mailto:jpomerenke at edgetechcorp.com>  if you
have any questions.

Best wishes,


Joey Pomerenke

eCommerce Advertising Specialist

Edge Tech Corp

More Power To You

jpomerenke at edgetechcorp.com

An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company



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