[web-team] Fw: [volunteers] Potential Speaker for SVLUG Meet-up

Andrew Fife andrewbfife at yahoo.co.uk
Sat May 1 01:44:07 PDT 2010

Hi Web Team:

it looks like SVLUG now has a confirmed speaker for the July meeting.  Here is the relevant speaker and talk info:

_Speaker's Name_
Randall Hyde

Not Your Father's Assembly Language

Just as high-level languages have evolved over the past 50 years, so has
assembly language. Alas, assembly language has been unfairly demonized
by software engineers whose main experience with assembly language was
in a college or university assembly language course being taught with an
assembler whose feature list came straight from the 1960s. This talk
will discuss why assembly language is still relevant and will describe a
more modern implementation of assembly language (HLA - the High Level
Assembler), emphasizing the portability aspects of HLA.

_Speaker's Bio_
Randall Hyde is the author of /Write Great Code/, Volumes 1 and 2 (No
Starch Press) and the co-author of /MASM 6.0 Bible/ (The Waite Group).
He has written for Dr. Dobb's Journal, Byte, and various professional
journals. Hyde taught assembly language at the University of California,
Riverside for over a decade.

kind regards,



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