[web-team] web-team Digest, Vol 27, Issue 1

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue Jan 5 21:12:52 PST 2010

So, by the way, you might legitimately wonder:  Given that (prior to the
post Margaret just sent) this mailing list hasn't had any traffic since
mid-November, why did Mailman send out a digest _today_?

I'm not 100% sure, but it probably had to do with the extensive
cleanup I did while attempting to cure some instability.  My postings
about this on Volunteers cover that matter basically, but here's the
part I didn't get around to mentioning:

Given that the OOM killer clobbered cron + all spamd instances,
seemingly sometime Monday or possibly late Sunday, that created a
worst-case scenario where our MTA (mail server, i.e., Exim4) was running
for around 24-48 hours with effectively zero ability to reject spam.
Exim4 got huge, colossal amounts of spam delivered to it.  Because 
lists.svlug.org also features Mailman, it also queued up a vast amount
of that spam for redelivery -- not to mailing list subscribers, but
rather to various Mailman administrative addresses (mostly in held-mail
notices and such).

As I mentioned on Volunteers, I had to purge the outbound Exim4 mail
queue before I could get the machine returned to halfway-normal
operation at all.  What I didn't mention at the time (hadn't yet
noticed) was that Mailman's admin queues for our various mailing lists
were _also_ jammed with (each) hundreds and hundreds of held spam,
something like an order of magnitude more than normal.  It is _likely_
that the traffic jam within Mailman was part of the problem, and part of
why it wasn't able to do normal things like send out digests until I
emptied the queues.

However, there was also one other hidden problem, which had evidently
existed for a long time.  You might recall that SVLUG hosts the mailing
list of a neighbour LUG, Smaug of Santa Cruz.  In the process of
checking out what's wrong, I happened to visit the Smaug mailing list's
settings, and found that the co-listadmin for the Smaug list had
seemingly done some questionable things, including swamping Mailman with
a large number of forged spam-source sending addresses, creating a
roster of them as addresses to discard any future mail from.

Adding throwaway fake addresses to that roster is _always_ a stupid
idea, for two reasons:  1.  Being throwaway forged addresses, they're
not going to be used again anyway.  Typically, the left-side of the
forged address is a largely random string.  2. Each such address you add
to the roster makes Mailman slower and busier -- and it's already a
rather slow Python program.

I suspect that the latter problem may have been the key factor that
delayed Mailman's processing of the digest.

Here is the note that I sent to my co-listadmin:

 Date: Tue, 5 Jan 2010 12:16:51 -0800
 From: Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com>
 To: peterbe at sonic.net
 Subject: Smaug mailing list settings

Peter --

In reviewing the http://lists.svlug.org/lists/admin/smaug pages, I'm
finding a number of bizarre and extremely ill-advised configuration
settings for the mailing list.  I'm attempting to track them down and
un-do the damage.  Was it you who reconfigured the mailing list without
checking with me, your fellow listadmin?

1.  Mailing list was set to NOT be advertised as an available public
mailing list.  WTF?  Is Smaug _trying_ to be obscure?

2.  Privacy options were set to require new subscribers to not only
confirm their intent to subscribe but also get approval from listadmins.
WTF?  Are we now wanting to vet people's character before they're
allowed to participate?

3.  A whole phenomenally long list of throwaway forged spam-sender 
addresses have been added to the "list of non-member addresses whose
postings will be automatically discarded".  No wonder server
performance has been so dismal!  They were:

quotesdd at dukemfg.com
swe at cec.wustl.edu
gerried at sunysuffolk.edu
0-biometry at alt126.com
quotesd at mcminone.com
sirwilliamwilcox at iprimus.com.au
danteugo at hotmail.fr
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citylinkcourierrdispatchpost at yahoo.com.hk
qup at theplayroom.com.au
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quotematchchoice at partiesroars.com
mailer-daemon at server8013x.masterweb.net
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quntuqslja6rpsnuaeaaaaa1 at b-quik.com
quphqep at bike2work.com
quotecupnetwork.10a at reply.mb00.net
qenfolgsamuel at imperialviolet.org
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dip_george at sify.com
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john_smith11114 at yahoo.fr
renewal at acm.org
foolishnesse2 at 89store.com
prosecutionsqt at register-mail.com
chlorofluorocarbonsd381 at rouxlaw.com
smaug at sprintpcs.com
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