[web-team] web-team Digest, Vol 27, Issue 1

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue Jan 5 20:55:32 PST 2010

Quoting Margaret Wendall (mwendall at gmail.com):

> Hwllo,
> Are the dates in this email correct? It's January 5-6 2010 right now, and
> the messages are all two or more months old.

Margaret, the big problem with digest format is that Mailman sends them
out whenever there's enough accumulated traffic since the last one.
Since the web-team mailing list has, in general, really low levels of
traffic, that can take a long time.

Currently, Mailman has web-team set up to send out a digest whenever
there's been 30 KB of postings.  I believe that is (probably) the
Mailman default setting, though I wouldn't swear to that.

I could reduce the size Mailman will trigger a new digest mailing on,
but then people might complain about too-frequent digests.  ;->

Looks like the only digest subscribers at the moment are you, Paul
Reiber, and Aniruddha Mulay, by the way.

You might wish to consider changing your subscription to regular,
non-digest format, which you can do by logging into your mailing list
preferences at http://lists.svlug.org/lists/listinfo/web-team .

I personally never use Mailman digest mode, because of the above-cited
inherent problem.

(I'm going to CC you so that you don't have to wait months to get 
_this_ posting!  ;->  )

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