[web-team] 'fest page update #1

Heather Stern star at starshine.org
Thu Dec 19 01:44:24 PST 2002

  I've moved the mapping content out to its own page under 
  /directions/accent.shtml and made some mild adjustments to the
  phrasing at the top of the installfest main page.

  I hope that it will both make it easier to maintain the directions
  (since they'll be seperate, it's not as huge a file to fight with)
  and a bit more readable for folks just trying to figure out where
  it is instead of worry about procedures... they can print out one
  page or the other, don't have to print both unless they need 'em.

  . | .   Heather Stern
--->*<--- Starshine Technical Services
  ' | `   SVLUG Web Content Coordinator

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