[web-team] SVLUG January y/N?

Heather Stern star at starshine.org
Wed Dec 18 14:57:25 PST 2002

 (With apologies to those of us who are on more than one teamlist.)

  A while back Marc asked if we should meet in January, and I don't
  recall seeing a clear answer.   

  I'll be announcing upcoming events at BayLISA tomorrow night, so I'd
  like to know the status for certain, ASAP.

  If we are *not* meeting;  I'll make sure Rick Moen tweaks the entry on
  BALE to mention that we're not, and mention the absence during my events
  announces at BayLISA.   I do not know for certain who our Cisco liaison 
  is;  is that still Tracy?  Anyways, they'd need to know they can stay 
  home too and not worry about us, rather than valiantly make us able to 
  have our meeting and then have nobody show.

  If we *are* meeting, I need to know who the speaker is, so I can
  tweak the website;  it still says next meeting Dec 4.  Also, of
  course, to announce at BayLISA.  And, I need to know *for sure* 
  what room or place;  Cisco may have made space arangements for us,
  but they might be something besides building 9.   Or if they're
  closed we need to pull a site out of our hat right away.   I've 
  got a hat, but it'll blow away like Frosty's if we don't say
  something.  If Accent Technologies were bigger I'd suggest it as
  a first option;  at least some SVLUG folk know where it is. 

  Maybe we could just have an "only the afterdinner" meeting at some
  nice local restaurant, and have fun chatting.

Tell me... can't post what I don't know...

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