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Steve Cseh scseh at corecess.com
Mon Dec 9 16:00:45 PST 2002

I am not trying to be critical to SVLUG in a condascending way, nor do I
intend to step on anybody's toes.  I am giving my constructive opinion
because I believe that it is important to SVLUG and to the goal of
attracting new Linux users.
The information that you provided in your reply is common information to
current members, but the fact that the site is not kept updated will
send mixed signals to people unfamiliar with the culture and practices
I believe that if you maintain an updated website, then it will
eliminate uncertainty regarding upcoming events and may result in a
higher rate of newbies.
More newbies means more Linux users, which is the goal of organizations
such as yours.
A website not properly updated causes one to question the attention to
detail and may turn away potential newbies.  Since I am saavy, and I
care, I chose to write you the email.  Many others less saavy may just
close the page and say forget it.
My interest in Linux comes from using it sparsely at my last job.  My
current position, has a lot of opportunities for me to use Linux, which
is why I am interested in going to an InstallFest.
I am also very interested because there are a lot of great Linux
programs, and I wish to move away from Microsoft OS and Apps.
Just to be clear, is the next InstallFest on Saturday, December 21 from
11:00am to 4:00pm at Accent Technology, 1880 Hartog Drive, San Jose, CA
95131.  Bring my own PC or laptop, CDs, hub, and surge protector.

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They are regularly occuring events... announcements 
go out over the svlug-announce list. 

I was updating the website.. then someone else started 
doing it... now it's no longer being updated.  I can 
take over and start doing it again if it'll help. 


> I heard a CNET Radio announcement regarding an upcoming InstallFest. 
> The CNET announcement gave out the URL  <http://www.svlug.org> 
> http://www.svlug.org to get more information. 
> I just went to that URL and found that the website is not updated. 
> *     It looks like the SVLUG News frame on Home Page was last updated

> June 27, 2002 
> *     I went to the Events link, then clicked on the InstallFest Link,

> which re-directed me to
> http://www.svlug.org/installfest/index.shtml 
> *     This page appears to have been last updated around the September

> 2002 timeframe because of reference to "September 21" as next
> *     This page also indicates that Accent Technologies is the new 
> site for the InstallFest and directs you to Map/Directions frame on
> page, which is blank, although clicking on it does direct you to Yahoo

> Maps page mapping 1880 Hartog Drive in San Jose. 
> *     There is no mention of the upcoming 3rd Saturday December 
> InstallFest 
> Because the website has outdated webpages, I am not sure what is 
> accurate. 
> I am not complaining, just letting you know that the posted
> is confusing and not updated. 
> I really want to come to the InstallFest, but I don't have confidence
> the posted information on the website because it is not updated. 
> Signed 
> Enthusiastic Linux Newbee 

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