[web-team] feedback from SVLUG website : links

Christopher Reed reed at affero.com
Mon Jul 1 13:47:57 PDT 2002


We need your help. Were trying to get the word out about our online
service. If you would please link affero to your website it would be
greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.


Name: Affero

Description: Affero enables recognition of valuable online interactions.
We provide the means to offer feedback and say "thank you" for support
and information provided via ratings and monetary donations to open
source projects, causes and non-profit organizations without disrupting
the natural dialog in the community.

License: Affero GNU Public License http://www.affero.org/oagpl.html

Category: Fundraisng, Community, Advocacy

website: http://www.affero.com

Please click here to see what I care about and why I'm doing this for
Office: 415 371 9900
reed at affero.com
reed at christopherreed.com

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