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Fri Mar 29 08:20:55 PST 2002

Dear Joyce Trangott,

I am Masaya Nemoto, an undergraduate school student of the faculty of Social 
Sciences in Hitotsubashi University at Tokyo,Japan. 
I have studied information society, which seems different from modern 
society, for two years. 

I have researched Silicon Valley since I came here because I think Silicon 
Valley is one type of the information society. 
In thisresearch, I would like to know how  workers engaged in high-tech 
industry in Silicon Valley think about their job, family, and how they live 
their life, constructing their own personal relationships. And then I’d like 
to compare those thinking ways andlifestyle with those in modern society. 

I would like you to answer my questionnaire or take my interview, if 
possible. It is because you are one of the workers engaged in high technology 
industry at Silicon Valley. 

Could you answer my questionnaire or take my interview?
If you can answer the questionnaire, I am going to send it to you by email.
If you can take my interview, please contact me.

If you have any questions, please ask me.
I am so sorry for a sudden mail.

I hope you will reply to me.

Sincerely yours.

Masaya Nemoto
Hittsubashi University
Faculty of Social Sciences
Email: <A HREF="mailto:tutaonanatena at aol.com">tutaonanatena at aol.com</A>
TEL: 1-408-226-1904
Address: 48 Lymehaven ct. San Jose CAU.S.A. 95111

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