[web-team] Web Design Team Member

Yue Meng yuemeng at quickmercury.com
Fri Mar 22 15:14:04 PST 2002

Hi Heather,

We do need additional web-team members, but we need people who can help keep
the content up to date.  The design is fine as it sits, even though Amy has
not been around.

We'll consider your qualifications.  It would be good for us to meet you
during the idle chatter period after the next SVLUG meeting.

Yue Meng - I look forward to meeting with you at the next meeting.

Meanwhile please note that this is a users group with no treasury, it is
volunteer work in the Linux environment.  We are not seeking to "outsource"
or otherwise purchase web services.  You must be familiar with ssh, rcs,
and the Linux command line environment to work on the SVLUG website.

Yue Meng - I have worked with php files before. Dont worry Im not looking to
be paid but I would love to meet people who are in touch with technology and
to also share ideas.

Yue Meng NG
Account Director
yuemeng at quickmercury.com
(t)408 6212188
(f)415 4801436
Helping you grow your business!

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