[web-team] ad info request

Richard Voskamp satman1278 at attbi.com
Wed Mar 20 22:03:01 PST 2002

Dear Sirs,

	I am interested in placing an ad on the web site(s) you manage. The ad
would be a simple text hyperlink placed on the home page or other pages as
available. A banner ad or button ad may be substituted as required.

	The text would read "Legal Services" and point to
http://www.prepaidlegal.com/info/rvoskamp. Banners or buttons would also
point to this site.

The information I need is as follows: 

1. Is this possible and if so, what is the price? (Cost per click, flat
rate, etc.)

2. Is there a contract amount and how am I billed?

3. Is there an "up front" cost to start the account?

4. Statistical information. (unique visitors per month)

5. Are there any guarantees?

Reply A.S.A.P.  I would like to get started soon. Thank you and have a
great day.

Richard Voskamp
Independent Associate
Pre-Paid Legal Services ®, Inc. and subsidiaries

A NYSE company (symbol PPD)

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