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Yue Meng yuemeng at quickmercury.com
Wed Mar 20 19:09:34 PST 2002

Hi Joyce,

I understand that you have recently lost a web design team member. I would
like to contribute in any way possible to compliment your team. A brief bio
about my self.

As chief executive officer of Quickmercury, Yue Meng sets the company’s
overall strategic direction and leads initiatives to strengthen Quickmercury
’s leadership in delivering world-class digital solutions to clients.
Leveraging over 10 years of experience in brand & marketing development,
product management, and service startups, Yue Meng founded Quickmercury to
help business evolve and grow. Before his involvement in the digital realm,
Yue Meng was a game producer at Willy Wabbit-A children's software company
and was a producer at Xpress Multimedia, and help co-found 2 start ups,
Mach2- A corporate video and Hookscreativ - a brand , image consultancy.

Yue Meng holds a bachelor's degree in Mass Communications from Brigham Young
University, USA.


Yue Meng NG
Account Director
yuemeng at quickmercury.com
(t)408 6212188
(f)415 4801436
Helping you grow your business!

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