[web-team] SVLUG web directions file permissions problem

Heather star at betelgeuse.starshine.org
Thu Feb 7 08:47:02 PST 2002

> On Wed, Feb 06, 2002 at 04:09:18PM -0800, Ian Kluft wrote:
> > SVLUG Web Team -
> > 
> > I was going to make some clarifications to the Cisco Bldg 9 directions.
> > But the file permissions have been changed...
> >    drwxr-sr-x    3 star     webslave     4096 Nov 20 11:51 .

hmm, that's a bug.

Thx Marc for fixing that so quickly!

> >    drwxrwsr-x   33 webslave webslave     4096 Jan 27 21:42 ..
> >    drwxr-sr-x    2 star     webslave     4096 Nov 20 11:51 RCS
> >    -r--r--r--    1 star     webslave    34328 Nov 20 11:51 cisco-9.shtml

of course checkout *might* have been sufficient to deal with this part,
and then maybe the modified-date wouldn't get set or something (that is,
you might have gotten to change the file, but not the directory)

> > So I can't.  Please update the permissions to allow group webslave to have
> > write permissions (including in the RCS directory.)  Or clarify whether
> > I should still maintain this file.
> > 
> > Hint: when working with a group, use the setgid bit on directories so that
> > subdirectories will be created with permissions inherited from the parent
> > directory.  My guess is this was not intentional.  (I know Heather - she

It certainly wasn't my intent to lock anybody out of there, no.

Hmm, but I am reminded I wanted to cleanup the installfest page and get its
directions separated (so I can point at them from the main).

> This should have been the case.
> I don't know why, how and when they were changed, but I just restored them
> Marc

Again, thanks bunches

I also used find to check the tree's directory permissions.  2001-06 and its
contents were world writable, which sounds like a bug too;  probably the script
that used to twiddle those should have been sgid webslave.  So I've set that
directory and its contents o-w.

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