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Mark Plimley guru4linux at blueneptune.com
Thu Jan 31 11:11:02 PST 2002


Did you see the short article in today's Merc?  In the Tech Ticker
column in the Business section, the article reads:

"Linux kit to run on Playstation 2

"The Linux operating system is coming to Sony's Playstation 2.

"The $199 kit, which will be sold at Sony's Web site starting in May,
includes a 40 GB internal hard disk drive, network adapter, keyboard and
mouse, and "Linux (for Playstation 2)" Version 1.0 on two DVDs.

"Rather, the kit will run Linux-based software and allow users to create
their own programs that run on the Playstation 2's proprietary system."

 -`) Mark Plimley
 /\\ email: guru4linux at blueneptune.com

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