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Heather star at betelgeuse.starshine.org
Fri Jan 25 16:36:01 PST 2002

> On Fri, Jan 25, 2002 at 10:12:04AM -0800, Heather wrote:
> >   I'm considering putting an expire on Marc Merlins' conference repots but
> >   they are kinda cool so I left them up there.  Your opinions welcome, and
> I don't have any problems with them expiring, it's just that we haven't put
> any news there in a long time, so something even older will pop up.
> In theory, my reports  are supposed to disappear as new  events are added to
> the list.

Oh, good.  Then just scaring off the dust bunnies will be sufficient.  The
member who submitted the Tunney link, I encouraged to write a report on how
the DOJ takes all our suggestions (or doesn't) so we can point to that after
the obvious need to go and comment expires.

> >   if you feel particularly ardent about knocking them out, svlug-news.txt
> >   is the file to tweak.
> It'll probably show even older reports of mine ;-)


> > 	However I'm not sure if the cron jobs still spin;  I forced the
> > 	update.
> I don't think they do, and I don't see the point, I've always forced the
> update after updating the file. Why wait for a cron job?

Fair enough.

>>   but she desrves some recognition for stepping up to the plate.  Marc seems
>>   to think that only one person could do it if they merely paid attention,
>>   and I think he's wrong.  Well perhaps he may be right, but we have other
>>   jobs (and if anyone joins who doesn't, they should have the job of looking
>>   for one, which is harder).  There is more work than that here, and it's all
>>   unpaid in the monetary sense.
> This was an example. I said one person _can_ do it, not one person should be
> enough to do it.
> >   If either of you want the title Web Software Coordinator it's yours.
> Not me,  but since Joyce  seems to  have time, and  has offered her  help, I
> think it's only fair that she gets it for now.

If she doesn't object, of course.

> Let me re-instate  that I'll never be  mad at anyone for not  having time to
> volunteer, but I  however get unhappy at people who  are currently in charge
> but who don't have the time, and who don't let anyone know about it. 

Good.  I had mentioned it - rather blatantly, I made it one of the announces
at a meeting a few months ago - but we just didn't get the concurrence of 
contacts, approval, and account setups to really get at least a couple more
hands aboard.  It's happening now, and it shouldn't stop at just one.  In
other words we should try to put at bay the idea that one of us flaking out
in the permanent sense (like Winston did) would dump the load on one person

> This prevents  us from knowing  about the situation  and having a  chance to
> work with  it (example: Sam Ockman, who  clearly didn't have the  time to be
> speaker coordinator anymore, and who repeatetly refused to give up his title
> and have other people take on the role)

Well, he was point-blank asked to hand it over - more than once, nicely at
first - and made lots of "uh no, *I* am the Speaker guy, *I* will do it"
noises, until we just had to get the pitchforks.  I certainly haven't been
*that* bad.

But enough defense crap :)  Y'all forced me to go and check all the rest
of my .org work for dust too, which certainly isn't a bad thing.  Possibly
excluding my own shoemaker's-child website ... ;P

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