[web-team] Re: SVLUG contact at Cisco

Tracy Fowler tfowler at cisco.com
Thu Jan 24 14:52:01 PST 2002

 looks great! Technical Leader is the right title.  Please thank Joyce.  I think we are all squared away then.  Feel free to ping me if you need anything from me and thank you for all your help!


At 11:26 PM 1/23/2002, Steve Traugott wrote:
>Tracy F; we've recruited a new webmaster (my wife, Joyce)  ;-)  and
>she's updated the site.  Check it over and make sure we've got things
>right.  Link to it at will.  Nit -- is your title "Technical Lead" or
>"Technical Leader"?
>Tracy V; we've fixed the officers page so it shows you now.
>Marc, we've cleaned up most of the other dead wood on the officers
>page, showing some new job openings.  We can announce them next
>meeting.  That page still needs more work, but it's better now.
>Ian; Joyce and I have some rework/automation ideas we'll likely
>implement to streamline the way speakers are added and managed -- we
>might bounce them off of you next time we meet.  Also, let us know if
>you had any unfinished work on the site you'd like to see finished.
>I'm out of town (checking mail and messages) next week, Joyce is here.
>On Fri, Jan 18, 2002 at 12:33:32PM -0800, Ian Kluft wrote:
>> I got your voice mail asking about the SVLUG room reservation contact at
>> Cisco.  His name is Tracy Vierra.
>> Heh... I guess this is "Tracy, meet Tracy".  :-)  I've CC'ed him on this
>> message since you said you wanted to double-check some things about the
>> room.  Since you also asked about sending announcements to SVLUG, I'll
>> also CC this to SVLUG's 2002 speaker coordinator, Steve Traugott - he can
>> include any speaker info you have with his meeting announcements.
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