[web-team] Re: [Officers] Cisco rep, Feb announcement, web team help

Steve Traugott stevegt at TerraLuna.Org
Thu Jan 24 14:42:02 PST 2002

On Thu, Jan 24, 2002 at 01:45:18PM -0800, Heather wrote:
> Sorry.  Client stuff piling up is good for my mortgage, but bad for my email
> response time.  I fell victim to a common sysadmin bug, of assuming that
> because some things are simple, they actually take zero time.  They don't.
> Bummer for me!  (Note, not all the "simple = zero time" items are SVLUGs.
> The meetings page isn't a zerotimer.  That in fact is why it fell behind the
> desk, because it [a] isn't paid work and [b] takes more than small-N minutes.)
> I really *do* have to go back to being "Web Coordinator" instead of "the only
> SVLUG webslave but with a kinda neat title".  With apologies to Winston who
> busts his butt to keep the linkfarm free of dust.

Who's Winston?  He's not on officers.shtml...

> I'm fixing meetings.shtml and its kindred now...

Joyce and I already did, last night, as well as officers.shtml -- as
we said in our message last night, we removed most of the people
listed there who are no longer around.

I have to tell you, I was shocked when Marc showed me how small the
SVLUG team is, compared to what the web site claimed.  I thought I was
signing up as a member of a much larger team, and would have much more
support than what turned out to be reality.  We've got to keep that
page up to date, so we can keep positions filled as they are vacated.

> I can be whapped on the head ANYTIME by someone paging me.  That's what it 
> is for.  800 938 4078.  Do not be afraid you are "interrupting" as I use it
> for all communication with my out of town family when they know I might not
> be at home at any given hour.

Ian "fired" me once, as CVS administrator and hosting provider for the
ERPS group, because I couldn't keep up with my mail.  I kept giving
the group my 800 number, but nobody would call.  I was pretty upset.
It took me lots of procmail and perl code and two years of work to
catch up on my inbox, but after getting caught up, in retrospect I
think he did the right thing.

Heather, we've been scrambling this past week to get things put
together without you.  We didn't remove your name from officers.shtml
during the cleanup because I consider you a good friend.  We still
love you.  Swooping back in and "taking charge" again right now is the
wrong thing to do though.  You're still behind on your mail, and
haven't even caught up to the traffic about Joyce.

Take care of your clients and yourself -- that *is* most important; if
you can't take care of yourself, you're no use to anyone else.  Stick
around, get caught up on your mail, and we'll see how much load you
can handle as you dig out over the next few months.

> I approve of Margaret Wendall being added.  I saw a couple of other
> people proposed and I see no special reason to veto them.  If I have
> to chase down their email addresses to appove them explicitly, um,
> it'll take longer.  

Tell you what -- I'll help Joyce go through the recent web-team
archives, see who else makes sense, and add them to the list.  

> I need the following Extra Tentacles:
> 	1. someone to "own" the proper meetings page itself, meetings,shtml.
>            That person needs to be willing to follow the template which is
>            already in there.  

Ownership is ownership, not stewardship.  That page is a wreck, and
needs to be reworked in terms of how it's updated.  It needs to be
automated, as does the meeting announcement on the home page.  I'll
help Joyce do that, with input from Ian.

> 	4. We have no CGI wizard, and have not for a while.  

We do now.

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