[web-team] Re: Meeting report: no microphones

Steve Traugott stevegt at TerraLuna.Org
Mon Jan 21 20:32:01 PST 2002

Y'know, the fact that the wrong person is listed as Cisco rep on the
web page is likely a factor in why I wasn't able to get the microphone
situation resolved at the Jan meeting.  I couldn't figure out who to
talk to, didn't have any panic button that I could push...  so after
10 minutes of waiting for something to happen, we pressed on without

I have no idea if Tracy was even there that night, don't even know
what he looks like.  Thought I was looking for Ranga.


On Thu, Jan 03, 2002 at 01:46:34PM -0800, Steve Traugott wrote:
> Cisco provided no microphones of any sort for last night's meeting,
> and the A/V guy detailed to the room by Cisco didn't have any access
> to the A/V storage room.
> The speaker (me) basically had to yell continually for over two hours.
> That would have been pretty lame if it had been an outside speaker --
> as it was I did have trouble keeping hydrated and audible toward the
> end.
> What did we do wrong?
> Otherwise things went well -- I would guess there were about 100-150
> people attending, which is about what I expected with holidays and
> rain.  Ben Spade was there and filled in with intros etc.  That helped
> a lot.  Heather brought door prizes.  The presentation itself seemed
> to be well received judging by the amount of Q&A -- we wrapped at
> about 9:40 and cleared the room by 9:55.  
> The IHOP closed at 10 this time -- we had to reroute everyone to
> Denny's.  

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