[volunteers] (forw) Linode - Invoice [12200406]

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Sat Feb 2 22:05:49 PST 2019

1.  I have paid this 10 cent invoice.
2.  If we start having significant billings, I will _not_ continue
    to pay them.
3.  To review, in 2006, SVLUG VP Micah Dowty got Linode CEO Brian Aker to give
    SVLUG a small Linode virthost, which coder Dowty asserted with 
    great certainty -- but utterly incorrectly -- to have adequate 
    RAM and disk limits to host SVLUG's entier Internet presence.
    It proved adequate to host the contents and services of www.svlug.org 
    but not also those of lists.svlug.org.  (In fairness, Linode's
    resource limits on the virthost were then much more severe:
    80MB RAM and 3072 MB disk.  See below for today's limits.)
4.  Checking the billing history in the Linode console, I see that 
    someone at SVLUG (perhaps Dowty) paid a $17.98 invoice in April 2006.
    Perhaps that reflected large data transfers involved with initial
    host setup, or with the abortive attempt to migrate all content
    to MoinMoin wiki software.  (I did all page wiki-conversions that 
    I'd agreed to do, those being about 80% of all pages,  The ones
    requiring MoinMoiin expertise were to be converted by Heather Stern,
    who unfortunately then did none at all of that work.  So, my effort
    was wasted.)  The $17.98 invoice in April 2006 was the only invoice 
    ever issued to the 'svlugmicah' account until two days ago.
5.  I've done some basic security checking, and so far see no evidence
    of security compromise.  I have not done analysis of the (Lighty)
    Web logs to see what's wildly popular.  Silly wild-assed guess:
    Anniversary coverage of Windows Refund Day?  I did (yesterday)  prune 
    downloadable speaker presentations / slides / notes / pictures files,
    and gzip many such files to discourage casual grazing by net.randoms.
6.  FYI, I'd been unaware there was a monthly limit at Linode on
    data transfers to/from this virthost, though obviously that makes
    sense.  Checking in the Linode console, the resource limits are:

    Network Transfer/mo: 2000 GB
    Storage (Disk) Total: 24576 MB
    RAM Total:  1GB

    Network usage this month so far (2 days) is:
    Incoming: 32.5 MB
    Outgoing: 514 MB
    Total: 547 MB

Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2019 00:16:09 -0500 (EST)
From: billing at linode.com
To: webmaster at svlug.org
Subject: Linode - Invoice [12200406]

Invoice Number: 12200406
Invoice Date: February 01, 2019
Invoice To: SVLUG

Description                               From         To         Hours      USD
Outbound Transfer Overage                                                   $0.10

Total: $0.10

Thank you for your order!

If you are paying via credit card, you should receive a receipt of payment
email within 24 hours.  If you do not receive your receipt, please verify
your credit card information on the Account tab of the Linode Manager. We
accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

To update your credit card information or view your current balance online,
please log into the Linode Manager: https://manager.linode.com/

If payment is not received after 10 days, your account may be disabled.
Please keep your billing information up to date to ensure uninterrupted

View this invoice as PDF: https://manager.linode.com/account/invoice/12200406

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact: billing at linode.com

Thank you,
The Linode Team

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