[volunteers] How'd it go?

kevin dankwardt kevin.dankwardt at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 07:46:03 PST 2017

Hi Rick,

I think it went just fine. There was plenty of room and even a bunch of
empty chairs although we had over 50 people attend. I had limited
attendance because I wasn't sure how many would conveniently fit. I had
about 50 on the Linux Technology meetup waitlist. Despite my pleadings for
folks to change their RSVP's, we however did get a bunch of no-shows from
that group.

With SVLUG its not possible to know how many folks may come because of the
website, and I also accommodate SVLUG first, so it turned out that I could
have allowed more from SVLT to come, but, I am comfortable that I erred on
the side of too few and more manageable for the first event at Cavium.

I think Sanket's talk was well received with lots of questions and lots of
folks staying late to talk with him more.

There was some confusion as to the building. I had used Cavium's corporate
address which is the first building and the cafeteria is in the second
building. My satellite picture with the big arrow worked for those that
looked at it, though.

After the meeting I was not up for going to dinner and no one else was
there to offer the idea to Sanket and others so I don't think there was any
group that got together.

I have scheduled the Feb meeting (
If someone would be so kind as to update svlug.org I would appreciate it.

It was some effort by Cavium to host, having to move chairs around, set-up
audio, a screen, have someone stay late to keep an eye on things etc. They
have committed to once a month, though, and I particularly like the
regularity of 1st Wed when its not a holiday so I'd like to try and keep to
that schedule if there is no compelling reason to change.

I also have a speaker in mind for March that I need to follow-up on.

It will be great if you can make the next meeting and do your greetings etc.


On Thu, Jan 5, 2017 at 2:44 AM, Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com> wrote:

> Kevin --
> As I couldn't make it to this past day's SVLUG meeting, the first at
> Cavium, I am curious how it went.
> Also, I'm curious what if any post-meeting restaurant people said they
> were going to.
> Last, do we yet have anyone to pencil in for February?  (If using the
> traditional 1st-Wednesday formula, that would be Wednesday, Feb. 1st,
> 2017.  But of course I gather that you can use the Cavium cafeteria on
> different days, so we're not glued to 1st-Wednesday the way
> circumstances at Symantec forced us to be.
> Posted schedule currently has nothing past Jan. 2017
> (http://www.svlug.org/meetings.php).

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