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My prior mail.

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Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2016 21:22:27 -0700
From: Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com>
To: Mike Cooper <mike at revocent.com>
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Subject: Re: SVLUG talk - Linux Certificate integration with Microsoft CA
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Quoting Mike Cooper (mike at revocent.com):

> Hi Rick,
> Kevin Dankwardt was kind enough to refer me to you on meetup.  :)
> I've been a UNIX (and later Linux) developer and Sys Admin for more
> than 30 years.  I've recently started a new company (revocent.com)
> and we just launched a new product for Linux called CertAccord
> Enterprise. The product integrates Linux with Microsoft PKI for X509
> certificate management. So... I'm looking for speaking
> opportunities. I was wondering what the interest would be in me
> speaking at a future SVLUG on the topic of Linux PKI. I can tune the
> talk appropriate to SVLUG standards if I can get a better idea what
> that is. Would appreciate some feedback.

Hi there, Mike!  I think a Linux PKI talk will work well for you if
you're available to give the talk the evening of Wednesday, Oct. 5,
between 7 and 9 pm.  SVLUG's meeting venue is the very large side room
of the VCafe corporate cafeteria at Symantec, Inc.'s headquarters in
Mountain View.

If that works for you, we'll go with that.

Here's what I wrote about it on SVLUG's main discussion mailing list


First, to clarify the overall situation, SVLUG presently has no
talks/speakers lined up for any upcoming meeting date.  Those are:

Oct. 5
Nov. 2
Dec. 7

Those are all open to be filled by the first willing speaker.  If Mike
Cooper is interested, SVLUG would be glad to hear his presentation.

Second, as to appropriateness:  SVLUG is a mixed audience of developers,
Operations people, other IT people, and general computerists with a
Linux interest.  (This is my informal impression.  We've not done any
meaningful amount of polling.)  In my experience, the management of
X.509 certificates for large enterprises and large government /
non-profit entities is for enterprise computing and SSO is a very
specialised topic.  I think the talk has pretty narrow appeal.

Mr. Cooper would reduce that problem a little bit by sticking as much as
possible to the general topic and steering away from doing a sales
presentation, but my concerns would still otherwise remain.

That having been said, we'd be glad to hear from him!


I'm an Operations guy, myself, and did a big project for a recent
employer putting together Linux integration for OpenLDAP slaved to AD,
which was successful but a lot of work.  

Our experience is that nearly any Linux-relevant topic a speaker is 
enthusiastic about can work well.  Yours is, as I said, probably a
little specialsed of a lecture topic, but I'm sure you know that

There's a good overhead projector with VGA input.  Unfortunately,
Internet access is difficult to arrange with Symantec, though with some
work we can get you a special limited-duration wifi login for the
corporate wifi ESSID, if you really need it.  Talks _can_ take up the
entire two-hour window if the speaker wishes, but that's merely when we
have to start leaving the facility: Some speakers have had short, e.g.,
1/2 hour, talks, and those have been fine, too.

Typically there's a small group that goes after the meeting to a
nearby Italian restaurant for dinner.  It's tradition that the speaker,
if he/she is part of that group, doesn't pay.  (It's our treat.)

We send out a detailed announcement 24-48 hours before the meeting to
the svlug-announce mailing list.  You can see past announcement here:

...and the archive of all meeting descriptions back to 1997, here:

Please note that we will need these things for the meeting details:

1.  Who you are (including title & co. if you wish).
2.  Lecture title
3.  1 or 2-sentence (sometimes more) detailed description of
    your talk
4.  1 or 2-sentence (sometimes more) 'about the speaker' text 

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