[volunteers] Thanks for all the fish

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue Jun 7 00:30:04 PDT 2016

(Just to clarify for the Volunteers archives, this is mail to 
"Michael C. Robinson" <plug_1 at robinson-west.com>, CC'd to
volunteers at lists.svlug.org.)

Hello Michael!  Happy day for me, as you're about to be off my agenda.

To review:

1.  May 23rd, immediately after I intervened with listadmin 
authority to kill a main SVLUG list (svlug at lists.svlug.org AKA svlug@)
thread, you resurrected that thread to spew a bunch of personal opinions
about national politics, religion, and (of all things) birth control.
Although your spew (and Jesse Monroy's preceding and much less
problematic spew) are now gone from the archives, yours will remain
viewable in its pristine crazed narcissism at
http://lists.svlug.org/archives/volunteers/2016q2/004816.html , as part
of our administrative record.

2.  In above URL, I said as listadmin -- to get your attention about
problem behaviour -- that _you may not_ post to svlug at lists.svlug.org
for two weeks (ending today, June 6th).  At that time, posting
privileges would be restored _if_ you had sent an unreserved,
unconditional apology here (volunteers at lists.svlug.org aka volunteers@).
But if you hadn't done that by June 6th, we'd make the lockout permanent.

A couple of days later, you tried to post again to svlug@, ignoring your
suspension.  This didn't work.  (Because we know how to admin Mailman.)
Attempting to violate suspension is a kind of incompetent way to show
good faith.   The contents of said failed post?  A (tediously predictable) 
attempt to claim your posting was justified by listadmin misbehaviour.

Personally attacking on me as listadmin is perfectly OK and kind of fun; 
I just mock it.  But your premise was wrong, and your logic was broken.

Wrong premise:  Claiming SVLUG bans 'mentioning politics' is simply
wrong (look it up) -- not to mention your claim I had posted political
advocacy to the mailing list (which likewise wouldn't violate any rule,
but also didn't happen).

Broken logic:  Even if that _were_ true, that would not have made your
subsequent idiotic rant OK.

FYI, listadmin intervention was pursuant to
http://www.svlug.org/policies/list-policy.php:  application of force
as required to halt a major eruption of offtopic spew.  If you don't
understand that, re-read until you do.

Then, last week, you separately tried another svlug@ posting in violation
of your suspension -- again, unsuccessfully.

So, you followed up on earning suspension by two separate attempts to
violate suspension.

3.  That brings me back to the condition that you post an unreserved,
unconditional apology here (volunteers at lists.svlug.org) by June 6, 2016,
before we would re-enable your posting privilege.  I've changed my mind:
We prefer to keep our perfect record of never banning anyone, so we're
_not_ banning you today.

Instead, reinstatement will remain open indefinitely.  Send to
volunteers@ an appropriate apology, any time, and get your posting privilege
back.  Any time -- or never:  Your choice.

Meanwhile, you're off my agenda.  Bye!

Oh, forgot to mention:  You continue to enjoy free speech on @volunteers,
so rant away if you wish.  It's publicly archived, but has a tiny
audience of people not moved by your bullshit.

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