[volunteers] Removing PHP from lists.svlug.org (was: Nameserver)

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed May 18 23:47:11 PDT 2016

I wrote:

> As Daniel found out, someone converted lists.svlug.org to PHP without
> telling the rest of us -- which I consider incredibly unwise and would
> have said 'please don't' if I'd been asked.  On reflection, my best
> guess is that this was Lisa Corsetti, given that she did the same thing
> to www.svlug.org.  Anyway, this is the index.php file at the top of the 
> document root on lists.svlug.org:

Daniel, now that I look at your good work on Lighttpd on
lists.svlug.org, I notice that you set up Lighttpd _with PHP_
(which is understandable because you believed it necessary).

Here's an idea, and if you have time to do this, I would appreciate it:
Would you be willing to remove the PHP support from Lighttpd on

It appears that there was exactly _one_ PHP file on that host, 
/var/old-svlug-rfs/home/httpd/html/index.php .  I have just mv'd 
that to index.php.DISABLED and created a static index.html file
with the same substantive contents (contents that Jesse can improve on,
if he gets around to that).

To the best of my understanding and recollection, the _only_ other Web
content on lists.svlug.org is Mailman-CGI-generated pages, which
certainly don't need PHP.  So, we can scrap that entire terrible,
security-destroy, performance-impairing language with no loss whatsoever
-- as there is literally no more PHP to serve.

Whoever added PHP to the Apache configuration for _one_ damned HTML 
file really wasn't thinking.  (It most definitely was not I.)

BTW, I have done some documentation work supplementing the excellent
start you made in /usr/local/src/ on lists.svlug.org .  (The two files
therein have now been moved to new directory /usr/local/src/site-docs .)

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