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Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed May 18 21:29:42 PDT 2016

Quoting Jesse Monroy (jesse650 at gmail.com):

> No it assumes I have doubts about the situation. 

This all concerns a domain I've said several times I'm not sure I (or
we) even care about at all.  So, this is a waste of time.  Also, I
already knew that dealings with Josef sometimes stall -- but thank you
for your good intentions.

> FWIW: I and other people have hit the SVLUG.com domain, just to get
> a rather rude message about getting the wrong site.

I believe I've been really clear that I'm not willing to take on
additional projects at the moment.  If you're saying this to me because
you wish me to investigate, the answer is 'no', and if you ask again
while I'm buried under things to do, the answer will still be 'no' but
it will be more emphatic with possible side-observations about biology
and theology.

As Daniel found out, someone converted lists.svlug.org to PHP without
telling the rest of us -- which I consider incredibly unwise and would
have said 'please don't' if I'd been asked.  On reflection, my best
guess is that this was Lisa Corsetti, given that she did the same thing
to www.svlug.org.  Anyway, this is the index.php file at the top of the 
document root on lists.svlug.org:

$ cat /var/old-svlug-rfs/home/httpd/html/index.php

if (substr($uri, 0, 1) == ".")
        $uri = substr($uri, 1);
$newUri = "http://www.svlug.org".$uri;
<META HTTP-EQUIV="refresh" CONTENT="3; URL=<?=$newUri?>">
<TITLE>You're at the wrong site:  Redirecting in a moment.</TITLE>
<H1>You're at the wrong site!  Automatically redirecting in a
The Silicon Valley Linux User Group is, and since 1997 has always been
at, <A HREF=" http://www.svlug.org/">http://www.svlug.org/</A>.
print "<br>";
print "Specifically, the page you are looking for is at: <a


I'm guessing your vague-handwave reference to 'a rather rude message'
probably refers to that.  I'm obliged to guess because you could not
bother being specific.  Anyway, I'm guessing you _somehow_ are getting
that page, though it's bizarre that you're getting it, because
www.svlug.com resolves to the same IP as does www.svlug.org, which is 
_not the same_ as the one that serves separate host lists.svlug.org .

Litte-Datamaskin:~ rick$ dig www.svlug.com +short
Litte-Datamaskin:~ rick$ dig www.svlug.org +short
Litte-Datamaskin:~ rick$ dig lists.svlug.org +short
Litte-Datamaskin:~ rick$ 

I have no idea how a Web query for www.svlug.com ends up at the IP for
lists.svlug.org -- and am not going to investigate at this time, because
see previous point about not accepting new projects.

That having been said, are you offering a rewrite, or are you just

If you're offering help, great.  Please post what you suggest should be
the replacement for that PHP file.

If you're just complaining and offering no help, please fuck off.

Have I made myself clear enough about my objecting to my time being
wasted when I don't have it to spare?  If it'll help, I can sprinkle
with biological and theological references to make myself clearer.

 The message is
> presented in an elitist rude manner - then quick redirects. Previously,
> this was just an elitist rude webpage.
> On this subject, recently I've been pushing back on the Node.js and
> phonegap community for publishing a kum-baya "why can't we just
> get along" blog posts. They pushed back saying - "you don’t think
> some open source communities could do a better job
> of being open/inclusive?"
> The short thread is here:
> https://twitter.com/macdonst/status/732316019675566081
> Jesse

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