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Jesse Monroy jesse650 at gmail.com
Wed May 18 18:23:17 PDT 2016

On 5/18/16, Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com> wrote:
> Quoting Jesse Monroy (jesse650 at gmail.com):
>> @Rick,
>> If you have any influence with Josef, i highly suggest you at the very
>> least
>> get control of this domain.
> This advice appears to assume true what I _just said_ I have doubts about.
No it assumes I have doubts about the situation. I've watch this
sort to thing happen with Josef before - not just with flakey people, but
people within the BSD community that have high integrity.
FWIW: we should drop this part of the thread.

> I question the value, in 2016, of paying money to keep all of the big
> three TLDs registered for this domain (and of keeping those away from
> other people), especially for svlug.net .
> It's conceivable if unlikely that someone might go searching for SVLUG
> at svlug.com .  I judge it unlikely that anyone would look on svlug.net.
> So, what's the downside to allowing svlug.net to lapse?  A hostile
> party?  Seems a little paranoid in 2016.  A domain squatter parking page?
> Possible, but I'm not sure we care, as the domain's never housed any
> content SVLUG cares about.
> I'm unclear on why you're giving me advice that ignores what I said on
> the subject.
FWIW: I and other people have hit the SVLUG.com domain, just to get
a rather rude message about getting the wrong site. The message is
presented in an elitist rude manner - then quick redirects. Previously,
this was just an elitist rude webpage.

On this subject, recently I've been pushing back on the Node.js and
phonegap community for publishing a kum-baya "why can't we just
get along" blog posts. They pushed back saying - "you don’t think
some open source communities could do a better job
of being open/inclusive?"

The short thread is here:


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