[volunteers] www.svlug.org NSD and distro upgrade notes

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon May 2 14:53:22 PDT 2016

Quoting Daniel Gimpelevich (daniel at gimpelevich.san-francisco.ca.us):

> They do not appear to publicly make any distro-specific kernel
> recommendations for Xen hosts at all....

There was a past, specific recommendation from Linode, Inc. on one of
its pieces of documentation relevant to us, that recommended switching
to that WebUI customer console setting.  So, I did so.

> https://blog.linode.com/2015/06/16/linode-turns-12-heres-some-kvm/
> "Eventually we will transition all Xen Linodes over to KVM, however this
> is likely to take quite a while."

Good to know.  Likely they would ensure that customer settings in the
WebUI customer console still work, whenever they do.

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