[volunteers] www.svlug.org NSD and distro upgrade notes

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon May 2 13:31:45 PDT 2016

Quoting Daniel Gimpelevich (daniel at gimpelevich.san-francisco.ca.us):

> Going to Trusty buys only two more years, whereas going to Xenial buys
> four.

Yes, I know what support schedules mean.

You will also find this information on my Web site in the knowledgebase,
entered there by me.

> I repeat: This is in July, and Precise will continue to be supported for
> several months afterward.

Yes, I know what support schedules mean.  And I also understood you the
first time.  And I _still_ have this information in my knowledgebase.

> > Yes, and I'm distinctly unthrilled about that.  It would be nice to move
> > sideway to, say, OpenRC[1], but I would need to somehow test that, which
> > I'd have to think about.  I hate just bobbing along taking paths of
> > least resistance in Canonical, Ltd.'s questionable choices in system
> > software, but that might be safest.
> Canonical simply didn't have a viable alternative given the six-month
> release schedule, because unifying the base packages with the desktop
> flavors would have otherwise required Devuan to be ready, and it isn't
> yet.

That doesn't follow.  There's absolutely no reason why in particular
Ubuntu _Server_ should not be designed to facilitate reliable choice of
mainstream inits.  What you're basically saying is 'Canonical is being
lazy and dragging its alleged server distribution along with the
software decisions it made on account of brittle GNOME and Xfce
dependencies on systemd-logind'.  

Which is my point.  This sort of bullshit would not happen in a distro
where server support isn't an afterthought.

> > Yes, but please note that we _always_ run whatever Linode-compiled
> > kernel Linode recommends in its bespoke upgrade documents for Ubuntu
> > versions, selecting those in the Linode customer console. 
> This is incorrect. The customer console is currently set to boot the VM
> into whatever the very latest Linode-compiled kernel is at boot time. If
> it were rebooted today, you would find it booted into a 4.5 kernel.

One, it's set that way because *I* set it that way.

Two, this doesn't contradict what I said.  We run that setting because
it's what Linode, Inc. recommends for Ubuntu versions.

If you find that Linode, Inc. now recommends someone else, please find
that and let us know.

> Four words: Ubuntu is not Debian.

And this observation helps how, exactly?

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