[volunteers] www.svlug.org NSD and distro upgrade notes

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon May 2 02:29:47 PDT 2016

I wrote:

> TOPIC #2 of 2:  Distro upgrade
> As mentioned above, we're overdue to do a major upgrade of www.svlug.org
> to 14.04.1 LTS (Trusty Tahr).
> Upgrades are a little dangerous generically.  Prerequisites:
>   1. Have an utterly complete system backup.

I cited a list of five things at minimum to back up, in a previous message.
It would also be a good idea to back up /var/svn , as sixth item.

This matter was already documented by site-docs/package-operations :

  5.  You will occasionally want to run 'do-release-upgrade' as the root
  user, to check for a newly available Ubuntu Server branch and transition
  to it.  If do-release-upgrade informs you of an upgrade option, that
  would be an utterly excellent time to cancel and (before re-running
  'do-release-upgrade') grab these and copy them offsystem as a
  last-resort fallback option in case something goes terribly wrong:

  (As root:)

  dpkg --get-selections "*" > /root/selections-$(date +%F)
  tar cvzf /root/etc-$(date +%F).tar.gz /etc
  tar cvzf /root/webroot-$(date +%F).tar.gz /var/www/svlug-main
  tar cvzf /root/svnfiles-$(date +%F).tar.gz /var/svn
  tar cvzf /root/sitedocs-$(date +%F).tar.gz /usr/local/src/site-docs
  tar cvzf /root/rootsensitive-$(date +%F).tar.gz /root/sensitive

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