[volunteers] Fwd: [web-team] Linode Support Ticket 5649987 - Critical Xen Maintenance / Reboot Schedule

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Sun May 1 01:14:38 PDT 2016

Quoting Daniel Gimpelevich (daniel at gimpelevich.san-francisco.ca.us):

> That's exactly why I did not do so this time, but instead posted a
> _proposed_ band-aid to this list.

Understood and appreciated.

Given that nobody's updated the repo for a long time, and frankly
nobody's likely to ever need the existing version history, I think you
should feel welcome to do whatever seems a good idea, to try to fix it.

Given a site backup or two, you could if you _wish_ even try to figure
out how to implement Lisa's nightly autocheckout plan.

> The svn log shows that once upon a time, check-ins came from individual
> users in the www-data group, but now they all come from root, because
> that's now all that's possible. The site-docs describe how things worked
> with svnserve, and I have no idea how much of it may still apply.

I am confused by your phrase 'how things worked with svnserve', as it it
is unclear which of two very different things you mean.

You could mean 'how things worked when xinetd was running svnserve as a
daemon'.  If so, _no_.  I have said this before, and now I am saying it
a second time:  The present site-docs/svn-instructions text documents
what was tested to work _after_ I disabled and killed xinetd (and thus 
svnserve) as daemon processes.

You could mean 'how things worked when the svnserve binary is present on
the system'.  If so, yes, the present site-docs/svn-instructions text
documents how workflow works when the svnserve binary is present on the
system, but it has _always_ been present on the system from the moment
Lisa installed the svn package and created the original version control

I totally swear that the site-docs/svn-instructions method using
svn+ssh:// checkins and with the svnserve daemon _not_ running is based
directly on real, live testing of those exact commands.  The described
commands worked, exactly as documented.  I would not have written that
text without testing and verifying that they worked precisely as documented.

Anyway, that's very much my understanding and recollection.  You might 
also find entries about all this in site-docs/ChangeLog .

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