[volunteers] While you were sleeping

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Sun Feb 28 19:11:42 PST 2016

A further comment:  Despite Jesse having said he'd not be in the Bay
Area to give his hoped-for talk on March 2nd, in my absence on vacation
in the South Pacific, nobody at SVLUG bothered to update 


...to list March 2nd as once again 'TBA'.  I have now caught up with
this ignominiously dropped basic task.

I flew back from Sydney last weekend, but was not available to
immediate leap back into this because (1) jetlag and (2) other things
that accumulated in my absence.

It'll be a bleedin' miracle if someone can be found on short notice.  It
is always much easier to line up speakers with a decent amount of lead
time, e.g., a month or so.

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