[volunteers] For Feb 3: Need audio for presentation, also an HDMI side display

Eric Wing ewmailing at gmail.com
Tue Jan 26 10:22:46 PST 2016

Hello, I will be speaking on Feb 3.

My main presentation will be run from a Macbook Air. I'm being sent a
VGA adaptor by Rick. However, I also need audio for a part. I need to
show a 3 minute (edited) video of Linus Torvalds speaking specifically
about a topic that sets up the underlying theme for my talk. What he
says (the audio) is the most important part of the video, so I need a
way to make sure the audience can hear it.

Does anybody know if the presentation area has speakers I can plug
into and what of adaptors I need? Or can somebody bring speakers
adequate for the presentation?

Second, I want to bring a Raspberry Pi 2 for extra demos. It only has
HDMI so I assume I won't be plugging it in the main presentation. But
I was told there is a table to the side, so I could setup something
for after the main presentation for people to come up and play with. I
was wondering if anybody could bring a display/tv. I don't have
anything very portable. Audio is not a requirement (though it would be
a nice to have).


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