[volunteers] Cocoaheads meeting: Jan 21 6:00pm ??? 8:00pm Bodega Bay Tech Talk Room 1950

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Sat Jan 23 10:21:42 PST 2016

(Tim, CCd:  I'm hoping you'll get the meeting announcement out on Feb
3rd.  Also, here's our Feb. 3rd speaker, Eric Wing.  Eric, Tim.)

Quoting Eric Wing (ewmailing at gmail.com):

> Hi Rick,
> I'd be happy to speak if you think people would be interested. I am
> available that evening, Feb 3.

Sounds good.

> If you have any agents/minions, you might have them come to Cocoaheads
> tonight so they can tell me how I might tailor the talk to your group.
> Since the Cocoaheads are all Apple developers, I can make certain
> assumptions about them.

Normally, I'd have come (am an occasional Cocoaheads attendee), but 
my wife Deirdre and I are at a technical conference, SCALE14x, in 

Deirdre is a former (and longtime) Apple engineer from the Safari group, 
and I'm composing this e-mail to you on my MacBook Air.  (Our household
infrastructure is OS X and Linux.  Me, I'm a former Homebrew Computer
Club member, back when I was a high school kid, and these days I'm a
senior sysadmin.

> I'm also not sure how long the talk is yet. I'll find out tonight. I
> have about 60 slides, though some are just setup and expect to blow
> through them pretty fast. But I also have a multi-minute Linus
> Torvalds rant which sets up one of the major themes I have going
> (which means longer slides in this case).

You might want to keep that for SVLUG.  ;->  If there's any idiot at the
group who's an OS-advocacy person, I'll be deeply disappointed in that
person and would rather he/she be annoyed.

> Will you or anybody be able to lend me adaptors for that evening? I
> have a Macbook Air 11" (mid 2010) with a mini-display port. (Hope the
> audience won't boo me off the stage, heh.) I have an HDMI and maybe
> DVI adaptor, but I don't know if I have a VGA adaptor.

So, here's the thing:  I have _two_ MacBook Air
(DisplayPort/Thunderbolt to VGA) adapters here in Pasadena.  Deirdre and
I fly back to SFO (San Francisco airport) tomorrow evening, and I live
in West Menlo Park at 1105 Altschul Ave. @Gordon Avenue.  Thing is,
though, we're boarding a cruise ship the next day, this Monday, and
crossing the Pacific to Sydney.  We're flying back only on Feb. 20th, so
I'm perforce missing the SVLUG meeting.

If you wish to borrow one of my adapters, you can either (1) give me
your USPS address, and I'll mail it to you, or (2) you can drop by my
house in West Menlo Park, and my mother-in-law Cheryl can hand it to
you.  Or, y'know, you can ask around to borrow one from another
Mac-owning friend.  I am so extremely time-constrained that I can't do
much else to help this situation.

But, hold that thought:

Personally, as a MacBook Air owner, I regarded that and the similar
Thunderbolt to ethernet adapter to be totally essential purchases, and
I'd frankly urge you to just go buy one.  If you do presentations, you
just aren't going to always find HDMI hookups for your Mac.  Sometimes
you really are going to find VGA.  Truth.  Even in Cupertino.  

> Oh, one more thing, my Raspberry Pi 2 only has an HDMI port. I don't
> know how to deal with VGA on that either.

Well, when people bring Pis to SVLUG for presentations, they generally
just bring a flatscreen monitor, too.  There's a nice table near the
podium, and easy access to power.

Since, once again, I'm going to soon be on a ship in the middle of the
ocean, I need to try to nail down particulars for your talk to SVLUG,
which I'm sure will be great.

You can write to the following mailing list address to reach the other 
SVLUG volunteers at this Mailman mailing list:
volunteers at lists.svlug.org  (Listinfo page here:
http://lists.svlug.org/lists/listinfo/volunteers)  I've made sure your
postings to that mailing list will be accepted even if you don't join
it, but you might want to stress that you should be CCd on any replies.

I'm going to write a description of your impending talk for SVLUG that
is really a direct copy of what you wrote to the Cocoaheads Google
Group.  It would be good to have 1-2 sentences about you personally, 
written in third person, as that is a standard part of an SVLUG meeting
announcement, e.g., 'Eric Wing is....'

http://www.svlug.org/prevmeet.php shows what the meeting announcements 
include.  The meeting description text also gets mailed out to 
svlug-announce 1-2 days before the meeting, like this:

Eric, thanks.  I'm sorry I'll not be able to attend your talk.

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