[volunteers] [conspire] Cautionary Tale: Fwd: [Baypiggies] NOTICE: http://meetup.com/baypiggies is no longer associated with baypiggies users group

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Fri Jan 15 12:22:16 PST 2016

Quoting Mark Weisler (mark at weisler-saratoga-ca.us):

> Below you will see why I personally don't much care for meetup.com and instead prefer simple e-mail lists and Web sites maintained by organization members, not intermediaries like meetup.com.

Other reasons here:

(No offence intended to any number of wonderful people who run Meetups.)

> It appears that the baypiggies group (pertaining to the python
> programming environment) has come to rely on meetup.com then let its
> ownership of the baypiggies affiliation on meetup expire.  It got
> taken over by someone now trying to charge a fee for going to
> meetings.  Crazy.
> I think it also illustrates, somewhat indirectly, why not letting a
> domain registration expire is important else someone else can take it
> over.

Indeed.  Fortunately for BayPIGgies, they've avoided that error pitfall
wso far.  (baypiggies.net)

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