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from https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ifupdown/+bug/1301015/comments/68
Summary of this thread:

Sysadmin: "Dude, I've been using hammer (tm) since 1.0, and it always
had a handle. Now in 14.04 all I get is the hammer head, what gives?"

Vendor: "Using the handle was never supported."

Sysadmin: "So, like, what am I supposed to do when I need to hammer in a nail?"

Vendor: "Just hold the hammer head in your hand and hit the nail. What
seems to be the problem?"

<mutually incomprehending stares>

this is meam worthy
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Subject: Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] Best comment in a bug report ever
Organization: If you lived here, you'd be $HOME already.

Quoting Paul Robert Marino (prmarino1 at gmail.com):

> This is meme-worthy.

It is.  And, because an SVLUG Vice-President picked Ubuntu Server as the
group's Web site platform a decade ago, and immediately handed it off to
me to do all the actual work, I've been finding out on the installment
plan that the Canonical, Ltd. kiddies just don't grasp server
administration and shouldn't be allowed near it.

Comment #27 on the bug:

  Server admins have been restarting networking with init scripts for
  many years, and for me personally it was rather disturbing to find this
  no longer works -- as well as to read some of the comments here.
  Networking that cannot be reliably restarted in the same manner it's
  brought up at boot time is a major problem.

Also, the only error reporting is to a _logfile_, with nothing to

It would be super-fun to discover the hard way on SVLUG's Linode
virthost that the /etc/init.d/networking script's stop and restart
functions have been deliberately caused to do nothing.  'Damn,
networking didn't restart.  I guess I'll have to drive over to the
server....  Oh, wait.'

Canonical's answer appears to be 'Oh, just reboot to solve problems.
That's what we always do.'

Comment #33:

  This is ridiculous to see this is still an issue. I ran an update on a
  couple farms (that were staged in a lab). Now my networking scripts that
  I had *FIXED* are now overwritten... I now have 300+ servers that don't
  do anything with an init networking script. If this script is an issue,
  then please leave it out. The community will create their own patches.
  But more importantly, if this script was disabled purposefully (note the
  fix below) why was it overwritten by changes that don't do anything?

  Can someone please post a link to where this decision was made? It's one
  thing if you want to disable this for desktops. It's an entire other
  issue for disabling for headless servers.

  And why is there an init script that does nothing anyway? This makes no
  sense. An init script that sill exists I assume are "for legacy
  purposes" that is purposely broken? This is years in reverse to proclaim
  the OLD way for bouncing the network is now the "documented way." This
  breaks the motto of Ubuntu : Linux for Humans.

Better change that to 'Linux for humans who play with computers but
never do anything requiring reliability.'

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