[volunteers] (forw) [web-team] Linode Account Usernames

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Sun Dec 13 17:21:02 PST 2015

Passing this along, as a core volunteer appears to have made this
request.  I have the necessary credentials for logging into the 
LInode management console as 'svlugmicah', and can pass those to 
whoever needs them among the core team.

I _think_ those credentials can and should be added to the
SENSITIVE-DATA-DIRECTORY place findable from the www.svlug.org Linode
host's command line.  (In your homedir, you'll find a 'site-docs'
symlink to a directory with most of the team docs.  In that directory, a
second symlink, 'SENSITIVE-DATA-DIRECTORY', points to a root-owned
directory holding just a couple of bits of information that need to be
guarded really carefully.)

If possible, please discuss here or on the web-team mailing list
any significant changes before you make them.  Thanks!

It's possible that this is about someone -- Tim? -- noticing that the
Linode virthost's instance of Ubuntu Server needs upgrading.  Please
note:  Experience has suggested that significant possibility of major
service breakage exists during Ubuntu Server upgrades.  Last time I did
one, our DNS nameservice software 'NSD' broke catastrophically because
Ubuntu provided no upgrade path whatsoever between NSD 2.x and 3.x.  I
was obliged to do an immediate quick study of the 3.x configuration file
and 3.x command semantics, and do a lot of frantic rewriting and

I very, very strongly suspect that an Ubuntu Server upgrade would
install NSD 4.x.  How much breakage?  Don't know.  How much breakage in
other services?  Don't know.

Ubuntu Server was SVLUG VP Micah Dowty's choice.  It was very much NOT
my choice.  That {ahem} gentleman picked Ubuntu Server and then walked
away from the problem.

Anyone who wants to jump in and upgrade, remember the Pottery Barn Rule.
Also, make damned sure you understand how _all_ of www.svlug.org's
services work, make sure you have flawless backups, and make sure you
have a fallback plan if things break.

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