[volunteers] I'm going to be away

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue Dec 1 02:31:10 PST 2015

1.  Hey, first things first.  I really appreciate Tim Utschig stepping
up to the plate.  The two people currently bothering to get and act on
the adminstrative notices for SVLUG's Mailman mailing lists are:

0 Digested Members of Mailman-owner:
rick at linuxmafia.com
tim at tetro.net

Yay, Tim.  This mailing list 'owns' the others, and I'm putting a space
into the URL to deter the spambots from following links:

http://lists.svlug.org/lists/listinfo/ mailman-owner

Anyway, I've just approved the below-cited posting to Jobs.  

2.  This Thursday, my wife and I will fly out from SFO and spend two
weeks in the Caribbean.  So, I'm not going to be monitoring SVLUG's
mailing lists until after Dec. 15th.

3.  In January, I'll be gone for a longer period, from Jan. 25th to Feb.
20th, for a long cruise across the Pacific.

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Hello SVLUG members,

A promising, exciting start-up company in the energy efficiency, automation and iOT space is looking to hire a Sr. Linux Kernel Developer on a full-time or contract-to-hire basis. Here is a copy of the job description. Please get in touch with me at 408-330-1905 for more info!

Your responsibilities will include tailoring the kernel and U-Boot from upstream sources to meet our product's requirements. You will also be taking the lead on defining, implementing and documenting both the broad and fine-grained security policies and mechanisms required to meet our security-related objectives for the device. Additionally, the role will require you to set up automated builds and testing procedures for system images in various configurations and be the source of wisdom for system administration activities. As a team member you will work closely with world-class designers, software engineers, firmware engineers and data scientists to create a rock-solid platform that will potentially reach into millions of homes across the globe.

* Demonstrable experience with modifying, customizing and testing the Linux kernel
* Experience writing Linux kernel modules
* Advanced understanding of U-boot and the ability to customize it
* Deep knowledge of and experience in Linux system administration
* Ability to create custom device tree configurations
* Appropriate proficiency in C/C++
* Understanding of security-related technologies and encryption algorithms such as TLS and RSA
* Experience creating custom root file systems and complete system images
* Ability to create and manage Debian/RPM packages and repositories
* Appropriate experience and skill with using Git


Urmila Bhide

Recruiting Manager
Talent Space, Inc.
Your Partner in Technology Consulting

2570 N First Street Suite 400
San Jose CA 95131
408-330-1905 (wk)
408-569-5503 (cell)

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