[volunteers] Looks like sbay.org has quietly evaporated (?)

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed Nov 18 19:32:35 PST 2015

I wrote:

> Passing observation:  At no point did Sbay, the corporation, even own
> its own domain.  That is in the name of 'Thunder.Net Communications',
> at Ian's residential address, and my understanding is that that's
> basically a d/b/a of Ian's.

The reason this galls me just a little is that, when SVLUG proposed to
go independent from Sbay in 2006, one of the bits of FUD floated as
reasons why this would be supposedly disasterous was the claim, advanced
by Sbay VP Bill Ward among others right here on this mailing list, that 
'unincorporated associations cannot own property', hence SVLUG would 
not be able to continue owning its domains.

As you can see by checking whois, SVLUG does continue to own its
domains, and can own additional arbitrary property if it ever needs to.
Moreover, so do other longstanding unincorporated associations, such as
the World Science Fiction Society, which has owned and enforced valuable
trademarks like the ones over 'Worldcon' and 'The Hugo Awards' for
decades, and owns valuable Internet domains like worldcon.org and

But the crowning irony is:  If part of the point of Sbay being
incorporated was ability to own property such as Internet domains, 
_why didn't Sbay own its own Internet domain_, for gosh sakes?  
The doublethink was pretty incredible.

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