[volunteers] Looks like sbay.org has quietly evaporated (?)

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed Nov 18 13:59:03 PST 2015

Between 2004 and March 2006, SVLUG agreed to be a Special Interest Group
of local non-profit ham organisation South Bay Community Network, Inc.
(Sbay.org) having been told Sbay.org was a non-profit corporation and
would be seeking to shield SVLUG using corporate liability insurance.
After SVLUG's 2006 severing of this relationship, it emerged that
Sbay.org was _not_ incorporated but had merely (recently) applied to
become a corporation (explaining the strange silence when we asked their
corporation number and said we'd been unable to find the corporation.

Sbay did eventually incorporate, as California corporate entity

I was searching unrelated links today, and some went to www.sbay.org and
corp.sbay.org -- neither of which respond.  DNS is working, but Web
servers are not reachable.  Internet Archive has no snapshots of
www.sbay.org after 2014, and none of corp.sbay.org after 2013.  Archives
of the latter show no activity after the June 2011 Board of Directors
meeting and the final slate of officers shown was the 2011 one.  
Separate Web sites for Sbay SIGs Stratofox, SVWUX, Direxant, RadioExam,
and LinuxPicnic (most of those being vestigial sites for things that no
longer have any IRL activity) also have gone offline.  So have _all_ the
other Web sites listed on
https://web.archive.org/web/20130627175244/http://www.thunder.net/ .

This might be a matter of just a single accidentally downed Web server
(albeit an unfortunate single point of failure), but also the Sbay
corporation has for some significant amount of time been in status 
'SOS/FTB SUSPENDED' at the California Secretary of State.

To see this, go to http://kepler.sos.ca.gov/ , set search type to
'Entity Number' enter 'C2859145' into the search field, and select
Search.  On the page displayed, select the entity name to see the full
record.  (Secretary of State's 'kepler' site can be used to look up the
status of any California corporation.)

'SOS/FTB SUSPENDED' means it's been suspended for failure to file a
biannual form SI-100 with California Secretary of State and an annual
form FTB-199N e-postcard with Franchise Tax Board.  These are both
incredibly perfunctory, easy filings (as is the similar form 990-N
e-Postcard required annually with IRS), but your corporation must do them
or gets slapped down with corporate suspension.  A suspended corporation 
legally becomes non-existent, defunct.

I hope that group and everyone associated with Sbay are OK?  If this is a
temporary glitch and the group needs help reviving its corporate status,
I can help, having done that job for BayLISA twice when that non-profit
501(c)(6) non-profit corporation (a sysadmin guild haplessly) got its
corporate status suspended.

I've fully documented the 'revivor' process (reactivating a suspended
corporation) to help my successors at BayLISA, here:

I hope that helps.

Cheers,                                        <BombScare> i beat the internet
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