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> Hi Kevin,
> I noticed there is not a speaker for the November or December monthly
> meetings, so I wanted to reach out to see if Greg Bruno, the VP of
> Engineering at StackIQ, could possibly speak at one of the events.

Hi. Colleen.  We also touched base on this directly, yesterday some
time.  This is just a follow-up to the effect that SVLUG now has
posted information on its schedule for Greg Bruno's November 4th, 2015,
7-9pm talk about Stacki.  You and Greg are most welcome to review the
wording, and we would be glad to correct anything that's wrong or worthy
of improvement.  (The 'Topic' wording is a placeholder, and if Greg
wants it to be something else, please let us know.)

Front page meeting info is on the right:

The 'General Meeting' link goes to a page with detailed information:

Kevin, Sarah, and other good people within SVLUG:  Please note that
SVLUG now has a speaker schedule through January 2016.  Outstanding!

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