[volunteers] List prgmr.com as an SVLUG sponsor?

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed Oct 7 13:20:49 PDT 2015

Quoting Sarah Newman (srn at prgmr.com):

> Thanks! I didn't know about inkscape, we'll look into using that ourselves.

Inkscape's pretty awesome.  It's easily the best open-source editor for
vector graphics, and more polished than The GIMP is for bitmapped

If you remember Sodipodi, Inkscape origiated as a 2003 fork of that,
after four Sodipodi developers finally realised that Sodipodi was going
to remain mired in GNOME disease (crippled capabilities in the service
of UI uniformity and deliberately sparse controls).  The first thing
they added after the fork was SVG support.  SVG 1.1 with CSS is now the
program's default and primary storage format. 

SVG support is nearly complete at this point, lacking only (IIRC)
support for SVG animation.

If there are wankers who send you Visio .vsd diagrammes in the
unthinking expectation that _of course_ you have a high-end MS-Windows
workstation kicking around, Inkscape will read .vsd files like a champ.
My life would have been simpler back in 1999 when I was chief sysadmin
at Linuxcare and overpaid consultants would lob .vsd files at me all the

I was regarded as peculiar because I did my network diagrammes
using Dia.  I still love Dia, but it's not as capable as Inkscape is.
And I've just never liked LibreOffice Draw very much, and I can't speak
to the current state of Calligra Flow, but back when it was Kivio
(KOffice vector graphics program) in 1999 it couldn't do much without
adding proprietary enhancements (plugins and stencils) you could buy
from theKompany.  Which is what got me to immediately move from Kivio to

Juding by the Wikipedia entry, Calligra Suite (successor to KOffice)
might be worth a look, though I have my doubts based on being less than
impressed with Kivio/KOffice of yore.

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