[volunteers] List prgmr.com as an SVLUG sponsor?

Sarah Newman srn at prgmr.com
Wed Oct 7 12:34:15 PDT 2015

On 10/05/2015 11:26 PM, Tim Utschig wrote:
> Since the logo was not very readable when scaled down to the
> 110x65 bounding box used on the sponsors page, I created an SVG
> version of the logo using inkscape.  I added a "stroke" to make
> the font even more bold.

Thanks! I didn't know about inkscape, we'll look into using that ourselves.

> I added the *.svg = image/svg+xml mime mapping to the lighttpd
> config.
> Here is the result:
>   http://www.svlug.org/sponsors-new.php
> If you're okay with the logo and the text, I'll publish it.

For the text I would like something like

Friendly local neigborhood Xen Virtual Private Server provider prgmr.com has generously provided a VPS serving SVLUG mailing lists (lists.svlug.org)
since May 2015. They migrated and resurrected mailing list services from the old physical machine running a 2.4 kernel.

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