[volunteers] List prgmr.com as an SVLUG sponsor?

Tim Utschig tim at tetro.net
Sun Oct 4 23:14:24 PDT 2015

Hi Luke, Sarah,

With your permission, I'll update SVLUG's sponsors page to
include prgmr.com as a current sponsor.


First shot at a blurb (please suggest changes):

	Xen Virtual Private Server provider prgmr.com has generously
	provided a VPS serving SVLUG mailing lists (lists.svlug.org)
	since October, 2014.  Sarah Newman skillfully migrated and
	resurrected mailing list services from the old machine.

(I'm guessing on the date based on filesystem timestamps, since I
find no record in the mailing list of when the switchover

Unless you have another logo you'd like to use, with your
permission I'll simply downsize (to ~128px wide) the ASCII art
logo from http://prgmr.com/xen/

Tim Utschig <tim at tetro.net>
408-644-3861 (mobile)

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