[volunteers] Access to lists.svlug.org

Sarah Newman srn at prgmr.com
Fri Oct 2 10:15:06 PDT 2015

On 10/02/2015 01:22 AM, Rick Moen wrote:
> Quoting Tim Utschig (tim at tetro.net):
>> Hi Sarah,
> Sarah, Tim's the real deal.  (Just vouching for him.)
> If the correct answer to Tim's query is that *I* should deal with this
> rather than you, say the word and it'll be on _my_ plate.  I briefed Tim
> about your superlative work and that you'd set up limited access on the
> new host until I could grant other access that's needed, but told Tim
> I'd been backlogged and so would need to dig up the e-mails you sent me 
> about getting in and doing additional work.
> SVLUG appreciates your and your firm's generosity, and we will do
> everything we can to avoid hassles for you.

OK, this will happen within the next week.

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